2020 Predictions for Each Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Rat

Newcomers to the Chinese Zodiac tend to assume that anyone born in the Year of the Rat should have a fortunate year coming up.  The reality is that each animal in an anniversary of their birth year is in the “Tai Sway,” which means that it is, at best, a year of ups and downs. Unfortunately, the Rat is no different, so take life one day at a time.  Maintain a calm attitude, and take advantage of every opportunity if you were born in the year of the Rat.

To alleviate some of the problems the new year could bring, it would be helpful to get married, attend a wedding of someone close, bring a baby into the world, or move into a new house.  Wear red (as protection) as often as possible, even if it’s just a tie for a male, or accessories for a female.

Work on building a strong relationship with your partner.  If you are married, it’s a good year to renew your vows. Be honest and gentle with loved ones, and do your best to communicate with them.

In terms of money and your career, make choices with extreme caution. The requirements of your career may become more demanding. People in a new job may face obstacles, yet if you feel some stagnation, it could be just the right time to pause and rethink your path.

There may challenges with your physical and mental health, so make certain you deal with either/both promptly by seeing health care professionals.

Lucky Charm for the Rat this year: an ox charm on a red string  

The Ox

For people born under the sign of the Ox, this year will be a year of joy! Your overall personality is one that is diligent, hard working, and patient, which will bring a special advantage to you during the Year of the Rat. You will plow through the changing atmosphere smoothly.

It’s important for you to work with others in your career, which may feel uncomfortable for you, at least initially.  You and your teammates collective skills will allow you to achieve greater success, rising steadily. While your wealth will not increase dramatically, smaller sums being collected regularly will satisfy your pocketbook.

The Ox who wants to find a partner can do so this year.  Married couples will have a stable year.  Communication is key, particularly for those who are newlyweds or those dating.

You should maintain good health this year, yet be certain to deal with any physical or mental health issue immediately this year.

Lucky Charm for the Ox this year: an ox charm on a red string

The Tiger

For people born under the sign of the Tiger, this year will be a year that will go very smoothly.  This upward trend will stay true in your health, career, finances and your love life. You will want to maintain alert and vigilant, however, and take things one step at a time to ensure a positive year.  Your fortune in business will be stable, and there will be a lucky surprise at work for you. Be careful regarding malicious people at work, however, especially if you are new to your job, or have a new project.  Your income will improve, and bring a wide variety of opportunities.

Married Tigers can maintain a strength in their partnership by taking a common interest and explore it together.  Single Tigers can begin a long-term relationship.  This is a good year to consider marriage.  Express your feelings!

Your health should stay strong in the Year of the Rat, although you may need to have surgery this year.  Pay particular attention to traffic signals, whether you are walking or driving.  Older Tigers need to take care of themselves, paying particular attention to weather conditions and dressing appropriately.  Stay warm and dry in the fall and winter. Get regular check ups, and adopt healthy habits.

Lucky Charm for the Tiger this year: an ox charm on a red string

The Rabbit

For people born under the sign of the Rabbit, this year will be a year that will be somewhat challenging because of a conflict with the “Tai Sui.” Rabbits will experience a busy and fast tempo to their home life and career.  When facing challenges, show patience and respond positively.

Stress will be a part of your life, so adopt means of coping, whether it’s meditation, yoga, dance, music and/or art.

You are encouraged to be conservative and maintain your current finances.  Avoid extravagant expenses, or you could cause yourself credit problems or possible bankruptcy.

It’s not a great time to start a new relationship, so work instead of improving your knowledge, relationships, and interests.  For Rabbits considering commitment, this isn’t the best year to get married.  Married Rabbits should make certain to make communication their most important endeavor, as this will be a challenging year.

Lucky Charm for the Rabbit this year: an ox charm on a red string

The Dragon

For people born under the sign of the Dragon, this year will bring good fortune, as the relationship of the Rat and the Dragon is harmonious.  Social life will be wonderful, and you’ll find yourself enjoying life meeting and making new friends and hosting social gatherings.

Dragons can fly and swim, and you will experience more strength and enthusiasm this year.  Good relationships with colleagues will provide you with exciting options. Dragons looking for a new career position will have amazing opportunities.

This isn’t the best year to commit to someone you believe you love.  Your health should be good, although you want to avoid accidents and minor illnesses, such as viruses.

Lucky Charm for the Dragon this year: an ox charm on a red string

The Snake

For people born under the sign of the Snake, this year will be a year where your ability to adapt, combined with your great capacity for patience will pay off.  You will be very popular during the year.

Your career will be relatively stable.  Your employment situation should improve for those with fixed wages.  For those who are self-employed, you would be wise to not dabble in high-risk investments. For Snakes who manage other people’s assets, your financial management skills will be unparalleled and your clients will continue to be happy.  Those with a partner will experience bliss, and singles are likely to find a partner.

This year the Snake needs to focus on the immune system.  If you have health concerns, be proactive and see a doctor right away, because if you are treated in the early stages of an illness, your odds of recovery are vastly improved and you can look forward to a healthy future.

Lucky Charm for the Snake this year: an ox charm on a red string

The Horse

For people born under the sign of the Horse, this year will be a year that will be somewhat challenging because of a conflict with the “Tai Sui.”  Develop a daily practice meditation (or relaxation) that will be key in assisting you to deal with challenges clearly and rationally when they surface.

Your luck may seesaw this year, so be prepared. Stay busy dealing with the daily duties of life, as sitting around will mean adversity will find you. Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun Rinpoche suggested you keep on the move to avoid the Tai-Sui negative effects.

Health can be an issue, so be proactive in dealing with problems the moment they arise.  Get regular medical checkups. Exercise daily and maintain a healthy diet to build your immune system. Tai Chi, yoga and walking all promote inner cultivation, and avoid extreme sports this year.  Those with chronic illnesses may see an improvement this year.  You will likely feel restless at work, but work hard at correcting this by focusing on the work to be completed and projects that need to be done and done well.  If you own your business, it’s not a good year to expand.  Be conservative with any investments you make during the year, and maintain a close watch over any transactions you make, and your finances in general.  There could be arguments with your spouse over finances, so be certain that you communicate effectively to avoid troubles. Spend time with your spouse, especially if the relationship is fairly new. Single horses are encouraged to maintain an ethical course in their love life.

Lucky charm for the Horse this year: carry a combination of a Horse and Goat. 

The Goat/Sheep/Ram

The total prediction for the Goat is really quite good, even though you are in conflict with the Tai Sui during this year. Being modest and courteous will help you deal with any adversity that comes your way.  You will have new opportunities and elevation in your career.  Your financial outlook is also very good this year.  You can find your life-long partner this year if you are single. Those who are married must maintain fidelity no matter the temptation. A loving couple must offer one another optimism and support when setbacks occur.  It’s a great idea to get outside to enjoy the gifts of nature: move to maintain excellent health.

Lucky charm for the Goat/Sheep/Ram this year: carry a combination of a Horse and Goat.  

The Monkey

For those people born under the sign of the Monkey, your year is going to overall be good, although there will be challenges. To combat any problems, do a good deed daily. You will be involved in lots of constructive advancements in your career. Not matter the profession, you will impress those who can help you, and you’ll get a boost to your career. Make certain that you maintain a modest demeanor, however. If you decide to invest money somewhere, make certain you research very carefully before doing so, as you could otherwise lose everything.  Extend extra care about carrying your bank card and identification, and do not carry large sums of money with you.  People will find you charismatic and attractive, yet make certain that individual’s attention is authentic and true. If you are single,  this is especially true. If you have a partner, be very careful to remain constant and true.  Resolve conflicts as soon as possible, as a break up could be very hard on you.  Be careful your temper doesn’t get the best of you. Take care of yourself physically: eat healthfully, get enough rest, and exercise regularly this year.

Lucky Charm for the Monkey this year: an ox charm on a red string

The Rooster

For those people born under the sign of the Rooster, your year could be a challenging one because you are under the influence of the Tai Sui. Be careful and judicious this year, particularly at work and avoid mistakes or omissions. There is someone just waiting for you to make mistakes at work, and rather than covering up any errors, take responsibility and correct the error.  It’s important that you maintain a modest and unassuming attitude.  This is especially true for young Roosters. If you own your own company, remain conscientious and diligent in your actions.  Make certain that anyone you hire is trustworthy.  If you are in a creative career, this could be a stellar year for you if you work hard.  Rely on your proven capabilities when making financial investments, and put your money into well-established funds.  Single Roosters should be able to find a mate, yet make certain that their values are in harmony with yours. Roosters with partners will experience a harmonious and peaceful year.  Communicate and appreciate these good feelings.  Take walks, hikes, or trips with your partner to boost these feelings of love. Treat your children with love and patience.

Lucky Charm for the Rooster this year: an ox charm on a red string

The Dog

For those people born under the sign of the Dog, your year is going to overall be good, although there will be challenges.  Your career will be positive due to help from powerful people.  Your reliable and pragmatic nature and collaborative skills are needed, so grab the chance and work hard.  Be very careful with your investments- research carefully and look for hidden costs and fees.  Your appealing personality will be attractive to potential romantic partnerships if you are single.  Your established partnership will also flourish during the year.

Lucky Charm for the Dog this year: an ox charm on a red string

The Pig

For those people born under the sign of the Pig, your year is going to be a bit choppy. In your career, make certain that you associate with those who are strong and positive in their words and actions. Stay dedicated to your work, but remember to meditate daily.  You will want to steer clear of trouble makers, and refrain from gossiping.  Make sure your business partners are reliable and that employees within your company are devoted. Address any disturbances at work immediately, and work to solve conflicts through diplomacy.  Single Pigs can take advantage of invitations to many happy events and find your mate. Pigs with a partner should find ways to enjoy common interests and spice up the relationship, rather than succumbing to the temptations of an affair.  Get regular health checkups and seek medical advice immediately for any unwanted/unusual symptoms.  Give blood if at all possible.  Do many good deeds regularly.  You could experience conflicts with a vindictive person that could affect your emotionally and physically.  Try to resolve these diplomatically as soon as possible.  Meditate regularly.  Develop a healthy work-life balance.

Lucky Charm for the Pig this year: an ox charm on a red string

Special thanks to Khadro Crystal Chu Rinpoche, Mai Mai Ling, Meng Lei and Marina Lighthouse for their wisdom in sharing predictions with us.

In conclusion

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