Maintaining Good Health with Feng Shui Cures

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  1. The first thing to do is to meditate daily.  There are many, many meditations that are a part of the BTB feng shui tradition.  A very simple one that I utilize daily is an adaptation of a meditation that Tammy Mastroberte shared in one of her sessions.  I specifically recite it now because of the Covid-19 pandemic, and keeping my attitude positive and my body healthy.  Try this three times a day: 1) morning after you rise, 2) at noon, and again 3) before bed in the evening.


  1. Relax in a comfortable position, ideally lying down or sitting in a chair.
  2. (II)Close your eyes and breathe deeply, feeling your diaphragm expand out with each breath, and then contract as you exhale.
  3. (III)After you’ve taken at least 3 deep breaths, then recite these simple words in your mind 3 times:

Use words below or insert 3 Minute Meditation jpeg


2. Move your bed into “command position.”  This simple means that when lying on your back in bed, you can see the door, but you aren’t in direct line with the door.  Getting a good night’s sleep is imperative to your health.  What if your bed is in command position, and you’re still having trouble sleeping? A feng shui consultant can use dowsing rods or a pendulum to determine if there’s an issue with underground water, electrical or magnetic fields that’s disrupting the energy flow.

3. We sometimes use a cure called Dotting the Six Points.  This cure is very effective, but it requires a seasoned feng shui consultant to do it with you, and I cannot share it in writing.  Email me at  if you’d like to utilize it, which we could do virtually on our cell phones, on FaceTime or Zoom. You would need some products for this cure, which could mailed to you.


4. Hang a round, clear crystal 40 mm in size in the middle of your bedroom. -or-  Hang it in the middle of your house.

You want it to be hung from red string, and you initially want to place it between your mattress and box spring for 9 nights.  Then take it out, walk around the whole house spinning the crystal and introducing it to the rest of the house.  Then install it, hanging from the ceiling.

5. Adjust the center of your home, the Health (Tai Ch’i) Gua.


  • Add anything of the earth: a plant in soil, a clay pot, porcelain, stones.
  • Add the shape of a square or rectangle.

6. Adjust your Family (Chen) Gua. Add healthy plants, tall column-like structures or the color green.

7. Wear the colors purple, pink or a little red each day.

8. In palmistry, we can massage our palms regularly.  Massage the crease that runs from the center base of your hand toward your pinky finger.  Women start with your right hand, and then move to the left.  Men do the opposite.

In conclusion:

Do you need to do all these cures in order to attain better health?  No, try one and see how it feels.  If you don’t feel physically, emotionally or mentally better, try another.  Need help w/cures (solutions)?  Contact us through this website:


                                Have a happy & healthy May!