Recommendations for 2020: The Year of the Metal Rat

Focus on Others

In 2020, help yourself by focusing on others. By observing people around us, we can better understand what they are telling us, and this will boost our ability to deliver what they need, which is important in business and in our personal life. Through the power of observation, we have the ability to read situations, then design the life we want. We need to learn to adjust to different circumstances quickly to have a positive attitude and flexible mind. By being more alert, adaptable, and observant, our personality can be more cheerful and sociable. We must all try to get along well with people in all walks of life and welcome more friends around us.

Live with Intention








                                                               Photo credit: Pierneef-a-La-Motte

This is a social year, and family time will be important in 2020. Plan extra trips and meals with friends and family. The Rat personality loves to gather as much information as it can, and then act and give advice. Should you ignore good advice from experts in fields, (whether it be in science, the environment, or in finance,) it will create problems in our world, and go against the nature of the year.  The tendency is to give in and move on to the next thing when things get tough. This will likely create instability in your life and the lives of your loved ones. A challenge in 2020 that we must conquer is a lack of concentration.  Try using your smart phone less and your own brain more, as our phones keep us distracted from the present moment in our physical reality.

Remain Rational and Positive

No matter what profession you're involved in, you can experience success by quickly responding positively to changes. When facing challenges in 2020, remain  tenacious in your efforts to adapt. By keeping calm and clear-headed, you can do well in business and life. You can turn a disaster into an opportunity by thinking on your feet . Live frugally, be diligent in work, and be positive!

Easy Years and Challenging Years








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Signs most challenged this year are Rat, Horse, and Rabbit. Remember that timely adjustments can help to mitigate or even alleviate these issues. Dragon, Tiger, and Ox should have a good and positive energy for the year. For the  Snake, Monkey, Sheep/Ram/Goat, Rooster, Dog, and Pig it is a mixed year: some good and some not so good.

Special thanks to Khadro Crystal Chu Rinpoche, Mai Mai Ling, Meng Lei and Marina Lighthouse for their wisdom in sharing predictions with us.

In conclusion:

If you'd like to learn about cures for 2020, and/or are interested in a feng shui consultation, contact a consultant in your area.  If you're in the Puget Sound region, contact us through this website! It just might bring you good luck throughout the Year of the Metal Rat and beyond.  Be sure to return in two weeks, Feb. 2 to find out the predictions for your birth animal, or watch my newest Facebook video on First Wednesday of the Month on Feb. 5 at 10:00 PST.  Go to this entry to learn your birth animal sign if you don't already know it. Until then…

                                 WAN SHI RU YI

                                            (May everything go as you wish)