Swing into Spring with Feng Shui!

                                              Photo credit: Dailymail.co.uk

Spring started when we all noticed the crocus coming up, regardless of the almost freezing weather and cold winds in the Puget Sound region.  The daffodils followed in all their glory.  It’s exciting to see plants breaking through the cold wet ground and starting life anew.

                               Photo credit: fengshuiShannon on Instagram

In feng shui, spring is considered the time of new beginnings, enthusiasm for growth, and of family (as well as of close friends and colleagues.)  There are many wonderful ways to celebrate the coming of spring, and boost your enthusiasm and good feng shui.

1. Get a house plant, ideally something that will take in your CO2 and give off oxygen (photosynthesis.) An orchid has two positives going for it: A) It gives off oxygen 24 hrs./day, and B) their blooms will often last 4 months!







2. Put cut flowers in your home.

                      Photo credit: Hoomey.com















                                                                                  Photo credit:  Hoomey.com

3. Put up new pictures of your loved ones- immediate family, extended family and close friends.












4. Clean up your deck, patio or yard, trimming back any (parts of) plants that are dead, hauling away dead leaves lost by plants over from winter, and cleaning up lawn furniture that needs it.  Too much work?  Try sprucing up one tiny area, so that you are inspired to keep going through the spring.








5. Clean and organize the Family gua, which sits on the left center side of your home if you are standing at your front door. (See the green area in the Ba-gua below.)

6. Do some Spring cleaning around your house, and consider adding some greenery to your decor.














7. Clean your windows, inside and out.  Your windows affect your sight, so they need to glisten!

8. Connect with friends and family, even if you’re in “lock-down” mode.  Consider a phone call, Skype, or FaceTime to reconnect with those most important to you.

9. Switch out your Fall/Winter clothes for your Spring/Summer clothes.  Buy something new that says “It’s Spring!” even if it’s a pair of sox or a scarf to elevate your mood.

Too much?  Choose one to complete and see if you feel more energized and excited about life!

In conclusion

During this imposed time of confinement, look at the positive side:

  • You have slowed the pace of your life a bit… or a lot.  Breathe…
  • You are spending less time transporting yourself and your family to various locations.
  • You are spending more time with your loved ones.
  • You are probably spending less money, because you aren’t eating out, having lunch or coffee with friends, and you aren’t shopping at your favorite clothing store because… it’s closed.

If you need assistance with improving the feng shui of your home, contact us through this website and we'll make an appointment to help… either a little or a lot, depending upon your needs.  This can be a virtual meeting, where we Skype or FaceTime a meeting.  We look forward to working with you!

                                   Happy Spring!