Let’s Start Designing

There are many ways to combine Feng Shui and interior design.

The Initial Consultation

Transformations for Interiors LLC will meet with you via Zoom or FaceTime to discuss your venture. If you provide a floor plan prior to the meeting, we can lay the Feng Shui Ba-gua on your space. We will discuss all aspects of your plans, addressing any questions, thoughts or concerns you might have, and I will let you know what I think is feasible. You will be asked questions that will help us gain an understanding of your needs, goals and preferences.  Our goal is to create a space that is as unique as you. We charge $360 for this service.  If we jointly agree we will make a good partnership to work together, we can move forward with a Letter of Agreement that includes the scope of work to be completed within your planned investment.

The living area’s focal point is the fireplace, so that wall was painted a deeper tan to subtly intensify the accent wall. Two swivel chairs and a reading light were placed so that readers might enjoy the view of Puget Sound with a simple turn, and everyone can enjoy the view from all seats. Photograph by Gregg Krogstad

Your Business Office

Clients and customers will feel welcomed into an inviting space, and you will feel energized and well-organized in your new office space. If you want to bring in more business, we can help.  If you want your employees to be more productive, we can help.  You are going to love a space where you get more accomplished and you are more successful.

Traditional oak cabinets were refaced with alder veneers, replacing many deep cabinets with drawers. New appliances upgrade the look and efficiency of the kitchen. The skylight is a bigger factor, and LED track lighting, pendants, and under-counter LED lights all make this space efficient and sleek. Photo by Gregg Krogstad

Displaying Your Artwork

Are you challenged by creatively displaying art in your home or office? We will come into your home or office and hang/rehang some/all of your art so that it shows off your amazing taste and tells something about you. We can also help you acquire art that is as unique as you, and will be displayed beautifully. We charge $618 for this service.

Galer Garden’s Commercial level of Seattle

A Power-Shopping Day

Want to decorate a room in your home but need a guide to assist you in selecting the right pieces for your space? We will spend a day, after you take basic measurements at your home, and then shopping online with you to ensure you get the right quality, size, style and colors to make your space look and feel fabulous. We charge $1026 for this all day event.

Color Consultation

Color is a great way of creating just the right environment for any given space in your home or office.  We can spend a few hours determing color schemes for the rooms in your new space, for which we charge $410, or provide a more in -depth process by sending 12 x 12 stick-on paint samples to place right on your walls for $770.  This will ensure your selections will look and feel just right to you.

The entryway is one of the most important areas of a home in feng shui. Double entry doors are not only modern, but beautiful. They allow as much light as possible light to enter, while affording the home owner privacy through their glazed glass.

Your Kitchen

Create magical moments for your family and friends in your new gourmet kitchen.  Envision your kitchen full of rich and comforting aromas from your powerful professional stainless steel range. Taste your perfectly prepared meal, and envision a toast to those you love. You will savor the memories of fun gatherings long after your ultra-silent dishwasher dries the last dish for you.

Judy & Al L bathroom

Your Master Bath

Imagine slipping into your luxury spa tub with the soothing warmth, soft music and glowing candles in your own private sanctuary secluded from the stresses and demands of your intense schedule.

Lake Chelan Vacation Rental

Your Master Bedroom

Retreat to your personal oasis from your over-stimulated world of endless carpools, coordination of details and schedules to your private suite created just for you. Relax and enjoy the soothing textures and calming colors coordinated to give you the perfect respite from your daily stresses.

Your Home’s Main Entryway

Imagine walking into the foyer of your home.  Ahh… take a deep breath, and let go of all the day’s tension as you enter your sanctuary.  In feng shui, the entryway is considered the “mouth of Ch’i” or breath of life for your entire home. We will take time to make this area of your home truly awe-inspiring for all who enter.

Your Home Theater

Invite your friends to watch your favorite movies and enjoy a relaxing evening in the comfort of your own state-of-the-art cinema. Feel the rumble of the cars, hear the roar of the engines, and taste the buttery smell of the popcorn as you settle into your perfectly appointed home theater. We use the latest illumination technology to create the perfect ambiance when the lights dim at exactly the right moment.

Your Children’s Rooms

Create an inviting and comforting place where your newborn, elementary-age or teen can not wait to be after a busy day at play or school. They will look forward to spending time in their room, because it is custom-designed with their preferences and needs in mind.